Photos of the Conference


Venue of the Conference: the Moltkes Palæ


City location: Copenhagen

city skyline



Palace 2

Key Note Speech by Doak Bishop

Bishop Keynote

Conference Co-Chairs: Margrete Stevens and Steffen Pihlblad


Opening remarks: Lett and Bishop

Opening remarks (Lett and Bishop)

Panel I: Hot Topics in Investment Disputes
Paul-Jean Le Cannu, Bart Legum, Niels Schiersing and Laurence Shore

Panel 1

Panel II: Interim Measures and Their Enforcement
Professor Loukas Mistelis, Hamid Gharavi, Alejandro Escobar and James Castello

Panel 11

Panel III: The Assessment of Damages
Henriette Gernaa, Ken Fleuriet, Richard Edwards and Professor Hans van Houtte

Panel 111

Panel IV: New Challenges for Energy Companies
Jeppe Skadhauge, Mikkel Falkenberg, Jasmin Kaboni-Voit and Jean André Diaz

Panel 1V

Panel V: Stabilization and/or Renegotiation Clauses in Long Term Energy Agreements
Kristin Campbell-Wilson, Juan Fernández-Armesto, Fernando Mantilla-Serrano and Nathalie Voser

Panel V_

Panel VI: How to Deal with Allegations of Corruption in Oil and Gas Disputes
Margrete Stevens, Vladimir Khvalei, Mark Kantor and Gavan Griffith

Panel VI_a

Panel VII: Natural Resources, Investment and Boundary Disputes in the Arctic
Niklas Korsgaard Christensen, Ole Spiermann, Robert Volterra and Stephan Schill

Panel VII

Panel VIII: Alternative Sources of Energy: What Kind of Disputes?
Professor Kim Talus, Ignacio Madalena, Jes Anker Mikkelsen and Kaj Hober

Panel VIII

Panel IX: Dispute Settlement Options for Environmental Disputes in the Context of Energy Projects:
Judith Levine, Veijo Heiskanen, Juliet Blanch and Professor Laurence Boisson de Chazournes

Panel IX

Final remarks: Steffen Pihlblad

Final remarks 2

Final remarks: Margrete Stevens

Final remarks