Arbitration Costs


The registration fee of DKK 9,700 or EUR 1,300 is to be paid to the Danish Institute of Arbitration’s account when filing the Statement of Claim. The fee(s) of the arbitrator(s) and the amount of the administrative charge to the Institute depend on the value of the case, see about the calculation of the value of the case in point 2.3 of the Schedule of Fees and Charges of the Danish Institute of Arbitration.

1. Disputed Amount



By accepting the case, the arbitrator(s) accepts a fee in accordance with the Schedule of Fees and Charges.

The fees of the arbitrators shall be fixed by the Insitute’s Chair’s Committee in accordance with the procedure and terms in Article 4 in Appendix 2 to the Rules of Arbitration. The administrative charge to the Institute shall also be fixed by the Chair’s Committee in accordance with Article 3 in the same appendix 2.

Regarding the costs of Simplified Arbitration Procedure, see the Simplified Rules of Arbitration.


Settement etc.

If the arbitration ends before rendering of the final award, for instance because a settlement has been reached or the arbitration is terminated with an award on the formalities of the case, the Chair’s Committee shall set a reasonable fee for the arbitrator and administrative charge to the Institute, taking into account the scope of the work and any other circumstances, see Art, 3 (2) and 4 (6) in Appendix 2 of the Rules of Arbitration.


Additional Costs

Price policy for renting meeting rooms at the Institute can be found here.

Costs regarding catering at the Oral Hearing and meetings will be added.

If relevant, Arbitral Tribunal’s reasonable costs related to the arbitration, i.e. transport and lodging etc., may also be added to the total costs.

Arbitration Rules

Read the DIA’s Rules of Arbitration Procedure and the DIA’s Rules of Simplified Arbitration