Newsletter week 36


There has been a permanent arbitration institution in Denmark since 1894, which has contributed to the resolution of disputes of various kinds. In the time that has passed, a considerable amount of knowledge has been accumulated about arbitration proceedings and about the composition of arbitral tribunals in relation to both national and international arbitration.

The Arbitration Institute, which is a non-profit independent institution, was founded in 1981 with the cooperation of the Danish Bar Association, the Danish Engineers’ Association, the Danish Judges’ Association, SMWdanmark and the Engineers’ Association. Danish Construction, the IT Branch Association, Danish Industry, the Association of Certified Public Accountants, the Danish Shipping Association, Danish Business and the Danish Association for Arbitration later joined the circle of organizations behind the Arbitration Institute.

The purpose of the Arbitration Institute is, as stated in § 2 of the institute’s articles of association, to work for arbitration according to the rules adopted by the board of directors in this regard at arbitration courts appointed by the Arbitration Institute for the individual case.

The rules on arbitration have most recently been changed per 13 April 2021. The rules, which replace the 2013 Rules, are designed in accordance with the standards in Danish and international arbitration practice.