The Rules regarding Legal/Technical Opinions in IT cases (“the IT Rules”) entered into force
1 September 2013.

The main characteristics of the Rules are as follows:

  • A fee of EUR 1,000.00 (or DKK 7,500) shall be paid to the Danish Institute of Arbitration when a Party submits a request for a Legal/Technical Opinion in an IT-case. The fee covers the registration and an administrative charge of the Institute.
  • The Institute shall appoint an impartial and independent expert with either a technical or a legal background, depending on the nature of the Party’s request.
  • Technical experts shall be appointed after the usual practice of the Institute. Legal experts shall be appointed from a list of certified experts established by the Certification Committee of the “Danske IT-advokater”/the Danish IT Attorneys.
  • After the payment of the deposit for estimated costs related to the expert’s work and after a preparatory phase, the expert shall issue an opinion in the case. The opinion shall be issued within 20 working days of receipt of the request by the Institute
  • The opinion is not binding and cannot be presented in any subsequent case held at courts or in any subsequent arbitration case, unless the Parties agree otherwise.


Look at the overview of fees and administrative charges payable to the Danish Institute of Arbitration concerning IT-Disputes.