Information on the Rooms of the DIA

Click here to find the prices for rent of the DIA’s premises. The premises include the following rooms:


The Main Hearing Room

The Main Hearing Room is 50.8 square meters.

The Main Hearing Room has a capacity of 23 persons (e.g. 3 Arbitrators, 2 witnesses and 9 persons from respectively Claimant and Respondent).

In the Main Hearing Room microphones, a camera and a large TV-screen can be found. They can be used for both audio-visual equipment or presentation of videos and Power-Points etc. The room also offers a white board as well as internet plugs.

If a 1 meter distance between each person is to apply, the Main Hearing Room has a capacity of 12 persons (e.g. 3 Arbitrators, 1 witness and 4 persons from respectively Claimant and Respondent).


The Break-Out Rooms

The DIA offers 3 break-out rooms. These break-out rooms are named;

  • “City View Room” (capacity of 4 persons),
  • “Sea View Room” (capacity of 6 persons) and
  • “The Glass Room” (capacity of 8 persons).

In addition, witnesses can stay in the DIA’s entrance, where a waiting area has been established.


The Board Room

The premises of the DIA also includes a meeting room named “The Board Room”.

The room is 23.7 square meters and has a capacity of 16 persons. The room offers a white board.




All the above mentioned rooms has access to password protected wireless internet.

If there is a need for a few more persons in one or more of the rooms mentioned above, or even an additional room, please contact the Secretariat of the DIA.