Bespoke meeting rooms

The DIA has bright, newly furnished meeting rooms with some of the best harbour views in Copenhagen, all at competitive rates. The premises, located in the Østerbro quarter, have lift access and are close to public transport. Suitable parking is available.

The meeting rooms are soundproofed and Wi-Fi equipped, with modern audiovisual equipment for virtual oral hearings. The largest room has a 23-person capacity. Lunch and other catering are offered, and the DIA’s staff can assist with practical tasks if needed.

The premises are available for all types of meetings, not only for those involving arbitration or mediation. Rates are comparable to those of hotel meeting rooms.

Contact us for more information and book, by sending an e-mail to [email protected] or calling +45 (0)70 26 50 13.


Information on the Rooms of the DIA

Click here to find the prices for rent of the DIA’s premises. The premises include the following rooms:


The Main Hearing Room

The Main Hearing Room is 50.8 square meters.

The Main Hearing Room has a capacity of 23 persons (e.g. 3 Arbitrators, 2 witnesses and 9 persons from respectively Claimant and Respondent).

In the Main Hearing Room microphones, a camera and a large TV-screen can be found. They can be used for both audio-visual equipment or presentation of videos and Power-Points etc. The room also offers a white board as well as internet plugs.

If a 1 meter distance between each person is to apply, the Main Hearing Room has a capacity of 12 persons (e.g. 3 Arbitrators, 1 witness and 4 persons from respectively Claimant and Respondent).


The Break-Out Rooms

The DIA offers 3 break-out rooms. These break-out rooms are named;

  • “City View Room” (capacity of 4 persons),
  • “Sea View Room” (capacity of 6 persons) and
  • “The Glass Room” (capacity of 8 persons).

In addition, witnesses can stay in the DIA’s entrance, where a waiting area has been established.


The Board Room

The premises of the DIA also includes a meeting room named “The Board Room”.

The room is 23.7 square meters and has a capacity of 16 persons. The room offers a white board.




All the above mentioned rooms has access to password protected wireless internet.

If there is a need for a few more persons in one or more of the rooms mentioned above, or even an additional room, please contact the Secretariat of the DIA.



Denmark is a member of Schengen. This means that you apply for a Schengen visa when applying for a visa to Denmark. Be sure to apply for a visa to the Schengen country that is your primary destination. This means that you must apply for a visa to the Schengen country where you stay the longest. If you stay the same number of days in two or more Schengen countries, you must apply for a visa to the Schengen country you first enter.

If you visit Denmark for a short period of time and you are a citizen of a country subject to a visa requirement, you need a visa.

Apply for a visa here Ny i Danmark.



Emergency services, tel. 112.

Police, tel. +45 33 14 88 88.

Medical help, tel. 1813.



Check the weather at:



Contact the DIA about special discounts.



To get around in Copenhagen


The DIA is a ten minutes’ walk from the nearest Metro-station (Østerport).

Copenhagen Metro is open 24/7.

Tickets: You can use the same ticket for the metro, bus, train and harbour bus.

Buy your ticket before you get on the train or metro. You buy tickets at the ticket machines (most common credit cards are accepted) and at the stations’ 7-Eleven shops. At Copenhagen Airport and Copenhagen Central Station, you will find a staffed office as well as ticket machines. Please note that not all tickets or travel passes can be purchased via the machines.

Buy tickets with your smartphone or online

Through the app “DOT Mobilbilletter” it’s possible to buy your tickets directly. Simply enter your destination or select the zone for your trip and then pay by entering your account details.



Copenhagen is the perfect city to explore by foot – and it is safe to walk around both day and night.


Explore the city like a local – via 400 km of cycle lanes. With 100 city bike stations and many opportunities to rent, it’s easy to get a bike.


You can easily get at taxi in Copenhagen. They accept credit cards. All taxis are licensed and operate at fixed rates.

Read more about transport in Copenhagen:



As the capital of Denmark Copenhagen is surrounded by extraordinary architecture, which includes both historic castles and modern masterpieces by some of the world’s greatest architects.

The city offers lots of exciting experiences and activities. Copenhagen is internationally known for its Nordic gastronomy, and as a city where the good life is lived in the small, cozy streets and in its contrasting neighborhoods.

Rent a bike, take advantage of the new metro line or jump on the harbour bus, and you will always be close to shopping, a gourmet experience, art and culture.





Copenhagen has plenty of restaurants and is a wonderland for foodies.

Within walking distance of the DIA you will find  restaurants such as: (vegetarisk) (et let måltid)


Guide til restauranter og spisesteder |Her skal du spise i København (

Michelinrestauranter i København | VisitCopenhagen