Information on the Rooms of the DIA

On 1 July 2020, the Danish Institute of Arbitration (”DIA”) moved into new, modern premises located at Midtermolen 1, 5th floor, 2100 Copenhagen Ø.

Click here to find the prices for rent of the DIA’s premises. The premises include the following rooms:


The Main Hearing Room

The Main Hearing Room is 50.8 square meters.

The Main Hearing Room has a capacity of 23 persons (e.g. 3 Arbitrators, 2 witnesses and 9 persons from respectively Claimant and Respondent).

In the Main Hearing Room microphones, a camera and a large TV-screen can be found. They can be used for both audio-visual equipment or presentation of videos and Power-Points etc. The room also offers a white board as well as internet plugs.

If a 1 meter distance between each person is to apply, the Main Hearing Room has a capacity of 12 persons (e.g. 3 Arbitrators, 1 witness and 4 persons from respectively Claimant and Respondent).


The Break-Out Rooms

The DIA offers 3 break-out rooms. These break-out rooms are named;

  • “City View Room” (capacity of 4 persons),
  • “Sea View Room” (capacity of 6 persons) and
  • “The Glass Room” (capacity of 8 persons).

In addition, witnesses can stay in the DIA’s entrance, where a waiting area has been established.


The Board Room

The premises of the DIA also includes a meeting room named “The Board Room”.

The room is 23.7 square meters and has a capacity of 16 persons. The room offers a white board.




All the above mentioned rooms has access to password protected wireless internet.

If there is a need for a few more persons in one or more of the rooms mentioned above, or even an additional room, please contact the Secretariat of the DIA.